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Jakarta, Jakarta
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Full Time
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22 days ago

Job Description

Job Description :

Responsible for Developing, Shaping and Implementing any Digital & Non-Digital Products for the company, ensuring on the leading edge of technology through consistency approach and follow End-to-End Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) using any the latest up-to-date Standard Technology Stack, Development & Other Supporting Tools that being used, from Database and DevOps Infrastructure that supports Continuous Deployment at all stage and part of Back-End Development.

Requirements :

  • At least 3-5 years of Software Development experience with experience working in Agile Teams
  • Specific Expertise, Excellent and In-depth Experience in Programming Language : Python, Golang plus DotNet and NodeJS, Concept JavaScript Library for Realtime Web Applications (Socket IO)
  • Experiences in Frameworks, Methodologies and Processes of Software Development such as :      DDD (Software Design), FBP (Programming Paradigm), TDD (Code Design)
  • Strong Knowledge and Experiences in Full-Cyle Development of Application Programming Interfaces (API’s), Interface or Integration with Middleware / Gateway to any other Business to Business (B2B) or Host to Host (H2H) Enterprise Application, Building Java, J2EE & Web Service Based Applications
  • Experience using JIRA/Microsoft Visual Studio Team Service (VSTS)/Talend/Trello/Power Steering/KPI Fire/Wave/Redmine/Bitrix24/TaskWorld/SoftBless or other similar Project Management & Collaboration Tools
  • Experience and Working Knowledge of HTML/CSS, XML and a Modern Front-End JavaScript Framework, such as ReactJS, AngularJS, VueJS, EmberJS and ReasonML and Application Security
  • Good Programming Skills in at least one of Modern Programming Language/Framework, such as Node.JS, Ruby on Rails, C, C++, Python
  • Knowledge of SQL and 1 Common Database Technology : Microsoft SQLServer/ PostgreSQL/MySQL/MongoDB/MariaDB
  • Real Passion for Development and a Demonstrated Appetite for Continual Learning
  • Knowledge of Pair Programming, Continuous Integration and Test-Driven Development
  • Experience with at least one Unit Testing Framework, such as Mocha, RSpec
  • Familiarity with the concepts of Functional Programming and MicroServices is a plus
  • Community contributions (e.g., open source work, publishing/speaking on technical ideas) is a plus
  • Professionalism, Discipline, Integrity and “Can Do” Attitude
  • Team-Work Oriented, and able to Lead Cross-Functional Work
  • Able to Communicate, Presenting, Writing and Reading in English.

Responsibilities :

  • Working on all aspects of software development, including requirements gathering, analysis and design, software development, unit and integration testing, debugging,  user and technical documentation, also providing support for installations into production,  providing troubleshooting, support and maintenance for production environments
  • Use Agile Engineering Practices, various Software and Web Development Technologies and other Development Supporting Tools  to Rapidly Develop Creative and Efficient Solutions that enhance the client customer and employee experience
  • Collaborate with other Team Members to Craft Clear Expectations, User Stories, End-Result/Output, Design Tests for Prototypes and Products and Continuously Deliver Product Enhancements
  • Communicate with Peers in Transformation Office/Digitalization Team and IT/ICT Teams about any Digital innovations that are tying into Bedrock IT Systems
  • Maintaining and implementing SHE programs including Environmental Management System to ensure the effectiveness of the programs conform to official standard and requirements.

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