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Jakarta, Jakarta
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Full Time
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1 month ago

Job Description

1. Risk Based Methodology and Policy Implementation
    Implement the methodology and policies in each respective IA engagement

2. Conduct Audit Activities - Audit Planning

  • Perform analysis to propose annual risk based IA programs/ business plan and ensure adequate assessment coverage on key risk and control of the organization
  • Prepare terms of reference and audit program of each IA engagement (through analysis from previous IA/ other assurance works, current issues, management update, research, etc.)

3. Conduct Audit Activities - Audit Execution

  • Execute IA engagement with coordination with respective management, assurance provider, regulatory and legal team, etc. 
  • Execute the Subject Matter Expert (SME) role in its respective area to support consinuous alignment of IA programs and reduce expectation gap of IA performance
  • Responsible on the timeliness and quality of each IA engagement team's performance
  • Prepare the audit analysis and supporting working papers
  • Perform analysis to support investigation and fraud risk assessment

4. Conduct Audit Activities - Audit Reporting

  • Prepare the audit issues and IA report of each respective IA engagement and programs
  • Proactively seek feedback from L4 Account Manager and L3 on audit issues and IA report 
  • Discuss with audit issues with respective auditees/ management
  • Ensure the completeness of audit working paper
  • Obtain auditee survey and submit 360 degree assessment post to IA report release

5. Conduct follow-up processes for Post Audit Issues

  • Perform follow up and obtain update on post audit issues/ progress to management to ensure effective implementation

6. Provide Non-Assurance Services

  • Perform non assurance work and prepare the report result (as assigned)
  • Educate the risk assessment by management through IA activities and SME role
  • Develop risk outlook in each respective SME areas

7. Cultivate risk management discipline and culture in the company
    Provide assistance in internal socialization activities regarding risk management discipline and culture in the company

8. Support Board of Audit Committee ("BAC")

  • Analyze or provide data/ information for reporting to the Board of Audit Committee (BAC) and CEO
  • Implement the required improvements and follow up required actions from BAC feedback

9. Cost Implementation and People Development Support

  • Prepare proposal of personal learning development plans and implement discipline personal learning programs
  • Perform sharing session based on development plans
  • Prepare budget/ cost proposal required for its respective audit engagement

10. Enhance Audit System & Data Analytics

  • Propose any development and enhancement in the Audit Management System to improve efficiency of IA works
  • Propose any data analytics and continuous auditing script in its respective SME areas
  • Prepare testing and validation of data analytics and continuous auditing script

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