Ahmad Hizam Fajri

Ahmad Hizam Fajri

Ahmad Hizam Fajri

  • Semarang, Central Java
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  • Member Since: 11 Jul 2020

I am law degree graduate from Faculty of Law Diponegoro University. Graduated in 2020 with 3.55 GPA made me honoured with cumlaude title. I achieved several national legal competitions. My main dedication in law is business law and penal law. Therefore, i took International Law as my major to expand the legal matter with international aspects.

I have complex development during his college life. Started with being a delegates of Contract Drafting Competitions held by Universitas Padjajaran, i began to grow as successfully achieve the First Runner Up in Contract Drafting Competitions by Universitas Indonesia. At my final year, i got chance into a year professional involvement with KPK-UNDIP Court Monitoring Team. From this moment, i proves myself for being the Main Coordinator that lead the team consist of 15 persons and able to track the anti bribery cases at Semarang Anti Bribery State Court.

At the present time, i am looking for another challenge and opportunity to drives up his legal skill and collaborate with company, government institutions, or even state owned corporation.


Gender Male
Age 22
Salary 4,500,000 Rp - 6,500,000 Rp
Address Jalan Lodan Raya


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