Lisnada Kusumawati

Lisnada Kusumawati

Lisnada Kusumawati

  • Depok, West Java
  • Admin & HR / Administration / Operation Manager
  • Member Since: 12 Jul 2020

I am an Administrator include IT Support, Verification Data Annotator, CSO and Officer Development Program that always observes, analyzes, assemble, and learns from previous experience and data to find better solutions to any problem and also to find greater goals in a creative perspective. 3 principles at work for me are First, Professional, developing myself by learning various things & personal development programs. Second, Integrity, having an honest personality is the main key to maintaining trust and commitment. Third, Focus on building a disciplined and unyielding character. I always set goals for every job, so with that, I have something to strive toward.



Gender Female
Age 23
Salary 6,000,000 Rp - 8,000,000 Rp
Address Griya Lembah Depok blok A1 no 16 RT 01 RW 24 Sukmajaya Abadijaya kota Depok Jawa Barat


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