Muhammad Kautsar Khalifatullah

Muhammad Kautsar Khalifatullah

Muhammad Kautsar Khalifatullah

  • Malang, East Java
  • Engineering / Mechanical
  • Member Since: 13 Jul 2020

My name is Muhammad Kautsar Khalifatullah and I am 23 years old. I am freshgraduate from Mechanical Engineering University of Muhammadiyah Malang. My activity when in collage it's not only learning, I have a organizational experience in some organization (Taekwondo Unit Student Activity in 2 periode and BEM Fakultas Teknik in 1 periode). For now I live in Malang with my parents


PT. PINDAD (Persero)

Intern Student

- analyze part of component train air brake system - analyze assamble time of train air brake system component (brake coupling)

Taekwondo Student Activity Units University of Muhammadiyah Malang

Taekwondo Head Coach

- training the university student about taekwondo martial art - make a training program of taekwondo for some competition - make a schedule time of taekwondo training program


Taekwondo Instructor

- train the soldier for army taekwondo competition - make a training program for army taekwondo competition


Gender Male
Age 23
Salary 3,500,000 Rp - 5,000,000 Rp
Address Perum. Permata Tlogomas C-1/C-21


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